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At Chappell Hill Bank, we offer a range of additional services for our customers.


Products, Services & Fees


EDIE the Estimator – To calculate the maximum amount of insured deposits click here


Online Bill Pay – Online bill pay allows you to pay all your bills online, without having to worry about checks, envelopes, or postage stamps.  Your online payment will appear as a line item on your statement, rather than an image of a canceled check.


Internal Funds Transfer - Our system allows you to easily transfer funds between your accounts at Chappell Hill Bank. Submitted requests will transfer immediately.


Safe Deposit Box Rental – Safe Deposit Boxes offer a safe, private and economical option for protecting your valuables and important documents.  Our safe deposit boxes come in several sizes and rental rates range from $15-$75/year depending on the size.  Access is available during normal business hours.  Our safe deposit boxes can serve individuals, corporations, trusts, etc. Note – Contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.


Notary Service – We offer complimentary notary service for our clients.


Wire Transfers – We can assist you with incoming and outgoing wire transfers, domestic or international.  For domestic wire transfers, fee is $30.00.  For international wire transfers, the fee is $50.00.


Cashier’s Checks – When a personal check isn’t accepted, cashier’s checks are generally an accepted substitute. Cashier’s checks can be purchased in any amount.  Fee is $8.00.


MasterCard ATM/Debit Cards – As a part of the MasterCard network, Chappell Hill Bank Debit cards provide you with convenient 24-hour worldwide access.


ATM Access – With two local Chappell Hill Bank ATM locations, one in Brenham at Blinn College, and one on Main Street in Chappell Hill, you have 24-hour access to your accounts, whether you need to check your balance, make a deposit, or make a withdrawal, for no fee. For our local ATM locations, click here.


And as a part of the MasterCard network, Chappell Hill Bank ATM/Debit cards can also provide you convenient access at any participating ATM location worldwide; fee will apply.


Foreign Currency Exchange – As a convenience for our world travelers, we offer foreign currency exchange for a fee.

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