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Our Rich History

The Chappell Hill Bank was chartered in 1907 and has operated continuously in the same location in Washington County since its inception. The Bank was originally chartered as Farmers State Bank on September 1907. In 1989 the Articles of Association were officially amended to change the name from Farmers State Bank to Chappell Hill Bank.

Since its inception in 1907, its primary mission has been to serve the Banking needs of the community of Chappell Hill, Brenham, and Washington County as well as the surrounding areas. Its mission continues to be the primary driving force behind the Bank today. Being the oldest Bank in Texas in its original location that has never closed, the Bank has built a reputation of conservative soundness. During the Depression, the Bank kept its doors open in spite of great adversity, thereby instilling confidence in the community. The Bank continues to instill that same confidence in the community with over 100 years of continuous service to customers of Chappell Hill and the surrounding areas.

Dismayed by the lack of reliable Banks, Chappell Hill Bank was formed by liberty-minded Texans in Chappell Hill, Texas in 1907. Since its founding, the Bank’s mission has been to not only protect a customer’s financial interests, but to honor their Constitutional rights, freedoms and privacy.

An important facet of the Bank’s creation was its strategy of combining warm and friendly service with sound and solid assets. It was this conservative approach to offering people “a hand up” rather than “handouts” that first attracted farmers and ranchers over a hundred years ago, when the Bank was known as Farmers State Bank. This deeper sense of purpose enabled the Bank to become one of the few financial institutions west of the Mississippi to keep its doors open throughout the Great Depression.

Nestled between Houston and Austin and only ten miles from Brenham, the Bank has been thriving long before the Federal Reserve or FDIC and has proudly prevailed through every recession and economic downturn for over a hundred years. Through the decades, when other Banks couldn’t or wouldn’t take a chance on community needs like small business loans or badly-needed equipment for a volunteer fire department, it’s been Chappell Hill Bank that was in a position to quietly step up and deliver.

Today, Chappell Hill Bank continues its commitment to its customers in ways that have formed deep roots in Texas while attracting accounts from across America. For example, not long ago when the Bank adopted a first-in-the-nation policy to honor a customer’s Second Amendment rights, the overwhelmingly positive reaction earned the Bank national media attention and messages of support and encouragement from around the world. For over a century, Chappell Hill Bank has not only meant great rates and good old-fashioned courtesy, it’s also been a rallying cry for liberty-minded people across our Nation.

The core values that attracted people in 1907 are still the cornerstone of Chappell Hill Bank today.

Our Business Strategy

Our business strategy is built on the foundation that we will continuously earn our customers’ trust to be the preferred bank. We will build value for our employees, customers and shareholders. This value will be created through developing long-term relationships with a team of capable people who listen to, understand, care for and fulfill customer needs, within a dependable, disciplined, safe and sound community banking culture.

Our Vision

Personable Service. Common Courtesy. Traditional Values. Modern Banking. Rich History.

Our Mission

To build value for our employees, customers and shareholders by developing long-term relationships through a team of capable people who listen to, understand, care for and fulfill customer needs in a dependable, disciplined, and safe and sound financial services culture.

We will be the preferred employer and preferred financial services provider among these stakeholders:

  • Customer:             Listen to, Understand, Care for and Fulfill customers’ needs
  • Team:                      Dedicated, reliable, caring, and capable
  • Community:         Involved, engaged, accessible
  • Shareholder:       Profitable, stable, safe and sound banking environment
Our Shared Values

Our shared values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our actions and serve as the cornerstones for attaining the highest standards of performance:

  • Capable People: Listening to, understanding, and caring for and fulfillment of our customers’ needs.
  • Accountability: Building on the strengths of one another, while holding one another accountable.
  • Diversity: Valuing the experiences, ingenuity, and expertise of one another to attain the best results.
  • Character: Striving at all times to do what is right and doing the right things by having the best interest of our stakeholders in all our decisions and interactions.
  • Leadership: Attaining our objectives by influencing positive outcomes.
Our Community

Chappell Hill Bank has proudly supported Chappell Hill and Washington County community events  for many years:

  • Bluebonnet 4-H Chapter – Every year we give each child who has a fair project in the Washington County Fair a check for $50.
  • “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign – We cover 2 miles of highway on HWY 290.
  • Every year we donate enough of our historical calendars to the schools and their classrooms in Brenham ISD & Burton ISD.
  • Proud supporter of EMS and the Chappell Hill Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Proud & founding sponsor of the annual Chappell Hill Bank Classic Road Race.
  • Lifetime member of the Chappell Hill Historical Society
  • Lifetime member of the Chappell Hill Chamber of Commerce.
  • Washington County Livestock Show and FHA

Chappell Hill Chamber of Commerce

Washington County Chamber of Commerce